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[sly dog]

November 2008



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Sep. 13th, 2020

[when you're evil], [well helo thar], [insane face]

now dance, fucker, dance [Contact/Concrit]

Player: Toast
Journal: thanatoast
Email: Twilightess(at)gmail(dot)com
AIM: The Devil Ace

If you have any concrit for Hiruma and how I play him (questions, concerns, fangirling, whatever), you may post it here.

Nov. 6th, 2008

[blackmail GET]

OOC: The Devil's Handbook

Please post any blackmail for Hiruma to use against your character here :D

Comments screened!

Oct. 11th, 2008

[Sexy Blue]

Hiruma Youichi; PROFILE

Character Info
NAME: Hiruma Youichi  (family name, given name)
AGE: 17 (18 in Pluto IX)
RACE: Human (just very odd looking) / Werebat
FROM: Tokyo
FANDOM: Eyeshield 21
CANON POINT: After defeating the Oujo White Knights, but before taking on the Hakushuu Dinosaurs. Then, for plutoix, taken post rivelata

HAIR COLOR: Black, dyed blonde. Spiky, "Super Saiyan"
EARS: Pointy, double pierced
TEETH: Sharp
HEIGHT: 176 cm / 5'9"
WEIGHT: 67 kg / 148 lbs
POSITION: Quarterback / Strong Safety/ Punter


*Natural/Human Abilities

-Photographic memory / savant
-Pinpoint accuracy; both with guns and footballs. He's able to shoot at people with live ammunition without hitting them
-Extremely fast learner.
-Perfect poker face. Able to hide his true emotions and feelings
-Sharp teeth. Yeah, that's an ability.

*Werebat Abilities

-Improved hearing and sense of smell (able to differentiate different people and vampires, weres, etc by smell alone) (human and bat forms)
-Ability to communicate somewhat with normal bats (human and bat forms)
-Sonar/echolocation (bat only)
-Flight (bat only)
-Improved upper body strength (bat only)

CanonCollapse )

Rivelata HistoryCollapse )

Jul. 13th, 2008

[sly dog]

Werebat Curse Notes

CURSE TYPE: Therianthropy - Pallid bat
Bite on the right hand while scaring away bats roosting in the attic
Full moon and the day and night before and after (see chart here).  Extreme anger, mortal danger.
60 hours for regular cycle.  For the other triggers, until anger passes completely or until danger is passed, give or take a few hours.

Image here.  Hiruma's height remains the same, but his body becomes lighter.  His arms become wings capable of flight and his chest expands to contain the powerful muscles needed to fly as well as larger lungs and heart.  In addition, his breastbone becomes more keel-like. His legs are the same, but his feet have changed to become more hand-like, and he can use them to pick things up.  His tail is long and mostly free of the wing membrane.  His ears are large, unfurred and expressive.  His body is covered in pale blonde fur with darker striping (not characteristic of pallid bats) except for; muzzle, ears, underside of wings and fingers, bottoms of feet.  His genitalia are covered by fur and are not visible.  The thicker hair is wiry, while the shorter fur is velvety.   When he is feral, he is bulkier, with wilder fur, much longer teeth and soulless, white eyes.  Image here.

His hearing is greatly improved to allow for the use of sonar and echolocation, and his sense of smell is also increased.  However, his vision becomes worse, especially in daylight.  Bats are, by nature, not very aggressive, and Hiruma in his were-bat form will not attack unless threatened first.  His metabolism is incredibly fast, and he needs to eat almost constantly.  Despite the fact that pallid bats are almost completely insectivorous, Hiruma will eat almost anything; insects, fruit, small mammals, sandwiches, anything.  During the day, he is sluggish and is more active during the night.  In addition to mostly improved senses, Hiruma also becomes incredibly powerful, capable of lifting several times his own weight, and even carrying other people while flying.  He is incredibly acrobatic, as befitting an aerial creature.  His screeches are also super sonic, and can shatter glass and other breakables, as well as cause damage to ear drums.  It should also be noted that, while in bat form, his speech is poor, with human words intermingled in screeches and growls.

ETC: moon phase calendar


Since there are no lunar cycles in space, Hiruma's transformation occurs for a period of five to seven days in the approximate middle (around the 15th) of each month.  These cycles do not include a "berserk" stage at all. The only time that Hiruma is berserk in his werebat form is if his transformation was triggered through anger, the need to protect, injury, or one of his other non-cyclic triggers.  This form is kept a secret from the Council and from the other crew members.  Only Claire and the other characters from Rivelata are aware of it...  for now.  Eventually those strange noises coming from Hiruma's cabin will cause some sort of suspicion.